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Bearded Badass HoodSkulls® pair (Non-LED)

Bearded Badass HoodSkulls® pair (Non-LED)

SKU: Bearded Badass 58mm, Black (NonLED)
$84.99 Regular Price
$69.99Sale Price

Bearded 58mm HoodSkulls® are designed for bearded badasses and their fans. Ever see a motivated lumberjack tear through a forest, or salty captain weather a storm at sea? That's you with a pair of HoodSkulls® bolted down, hitting the trails. Buckle in, set a low gear and show these Bearded Badass HoodSkulls® a filthy good time. 

Size: Black

    HoodSkulls® let you personalize your rig beyond decals and expensive mods. HoodSkulls® can be bolted onto nearly anything with a hole; bumpers, light bars, CB antenna mounts and cowls. 


    1. IMPORTANT! If you are installing your HoodSkulls® on the cowl of a new (2018+) Jeep, you need our JL/JT fitment kit. You do not need the fitment kit on any other vehicle, whether from Toyota, Honda , Mercedes, Ford, Chevrolet, Ram, Nissan, General Motors, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Land Rover, Subaru, Hummer, etc. (but you will need a hole to bolt through).
    2. HoodSkulls® ship with stainless steel (silver) bolts, and each ships with rubber gaskets to protect the surrounding paint and seal gaps. Stainless steel washers and locknuts are included. 
    3. Removal of the boring, OEM Jeep hood bump is simple. The bolting of our HoodSkulls® is just as easy. Our design team listened to hard core Jeepers, so if you ever lower your windshield to fly like an old school pilot, your HoodSkulls® can rest in your glove box along with the removed windshield bolts. ☠️🔥👊🏻😎  Don't rest your heavy windshield on your HoodSkulls® without padding and glass insurance. Our latest versions of HoodSkulls® incorporate a revised, bolt-through installation process that is simultaneously compatible with old and new Jeeps.
    4. Please note that a 5mm hex key and 10mm deep socket will be required for installation. Only the hex key is required for installation on a cowl.  
    5. If you take your HoodSkulls® through a carwash with heavy mats beating on them, you may damage small details like horns or tiara. Please select a model that best matches your lifestyle, there’s one for everyone! Evaluate for yourself whether and where to install them on your Jeep, or decide to ultimately keep them on your desk.
    6. MATERIALS USED: Stainless steel bolting hardware paired with automotive grade rubber gaskets. Manufacturing is now done in ASA (acrylic styrene acrylonitrile, widely used in the automotive industry). 
    7. PAINTING: HoodSkulls® are manufactured in materials that can be easily painted. Painting is not necessary but would add your personal touch and give even more durability to your HoodSkulls®. Mud baths and snow also provide protection, so be sure to apply mud or snow liberally when available! 

    INTERNATIONAL ORDERS, CUSTOMS AND IMPORT TAXES: Customers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. We are not responsible for delays due to customs, but the wait will be worth it. HoodSkulls® will make your rig grin.

    ADDITIONAL SOURCES OF INFORMATION: Please visit the FAQ section on for warranty, material, general information and a smile.


    1. Keep the fun clean and your Jeep dirty! Thank you in advance for your shout-outs, tags and pics on social media. Thank you for your business!
    2. BOLTING REMINDER: Stainless steel bolts have their own protective oxide film to prevent corrosion and are especially prone to galling. Galling is caused by metal-to-metal friction that creates heat, which can fuse and seize stainless steel fasteners. You must use a lubricant to avoid galling, and should tighten the stainless steel bolt SLOWLY. If you don't follow these directions and accidentally fuse your stainless steel bolt, you will curse every minute spent sawing through the bolt and HoodSkulls®. Please follow these directions and tighten slowly after lubricating the bolts.
    3. FUN BUT IMPORTANT: We haven’t tested HoodSkulls® under all road and weather conditions so can’t give any guarantees of their performance under every condition. When you receive your order, you should make the evaluation for yourself whether and where to install them on your vehicle, or decide to ultimately keep them elsewhere. HoodSkulls® are not edible and post a choking hazard if you stick one in your mouth. HoodSkulls® should not be attached to your body, and do not belong inside your body. Anywhere. Under any circumstance.
    4. HoodSkulls® will be delivered with multiple rubber gaskets per skull. On a JK or earlier edition Jeep, one washer is above the hood and the second beneath. On a JL edition, use our JL fitment hardware. (The stainless steel lock nut and washer are not used when bolting HoodSkulls® to the cowl, since there is an OEM nut welded to the frame beneath the hood). When bolting HoodSkulls® to the cowl of a Jeep JL, our stainless steel bolt will replace the OEM bolt. When inserting our bolt, please use care to allign when tightening, or you could ruin the thread. A drop of lubricant on the bolt tip will help. When installing on the cowl of a Jeep JL, you can use either the upper (nearest windshield) or lower (farthest) cowl holes. We include additional rubber gaskets so you can adjust to the depth of the depression on the JL cowl.
    5. REMINDER: Light colors will fade when continuously exposed to the sun. If you ordered HoodSkulls®️ in a light color, you should treat them with a UV sealant but still expect some fading. We use materials that can be easily painted, then ship HoodSkulls®️ naked, ready for fun.
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